Aurora, Colorado 80012 Service Area Pricing

Need help with your computers or electronics?

Here are some ideas to start!

Or want to recycle your old computer and electronics and free up space for other things?

Instead of collecting them in a closet or under a desk someplace gathering dust taking up space, help us to save the world!

Help us to reuse and recycle your e-waste and help the Earth survive!

How much energy and pollution does it take to remanufacture all these old technologies and create new computers and electronics? Why not help us to save the Earth by reusing and recycling your old equipment!

We pick up your computer when YOU ARE AVAILABLE , not when THEY are! Or you can leave it in a box on your steps and we can drop by and pick it up. UNLIKE THE OTHER GUYS WE FIT OUR SCHEDULE INTO YOURS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! MOST WEEKS WE WORK FROM 6AM-7PM MONDAY – SATURDAY.

Gary Jr Gustafson – Trainer/Consultant & Recycler