We hope to provide the best solution for home user support for simple technical support issues. We don’t replace the need for computer stores for complex problems, but for simple things, why pay the huge prices when all you need is a little computer help. We can help you with all kinds of things that these other stores don’t even offer! For instance:

  • What if you need someone to go down to your cable company or satellite TV provider to talk to them about your bill and/or setup, but don’t want to take off work to do it? We can go for you and call you when we get there live (no more waiting on hold, or talking to machines pulling your fingernails out trying to talk to a real person!!!) Or we can help you get though the changes online.
  • What if your having trouble resetting your passwords on your computer and are getting frustrated and need some help?
  • What if you have been trying to set up a printer, or are having trouble with a printer and need some help with it?
  • What if you want to add on a new computer to your wireless network but you don’t know how?
  • What if you don’t know how to set up your new smart TV, or smart speakers or devices, and want someone to do it for you? Or maybe you are just having trouble getting everything to work right? We can help!
  • Maybe you have a new smart home, or a new car with with new features on it, or a new clock, or a new watch that you want to figure out — we can help you do it! The possibilities are endless!!
  • What if you just have a quick question, and would like a quick answer over the phone?
  • What if you would like someone to train you, regularly, to help you get better on the computer (and/or your devices) in the areas you choose, or that we personalize just for you?

In short, let us be your personal computer helpers. We can be your secret weapon when you need the help that no one else seems to provide, and at a price you can’t beat!