I have some REALLY BIG NEWS!!!


That is right! No more sleeping in, no more staying up all night except to work on my work projects. I am still planning on writing some, but I am going to be writing short stories using programming so even that will be sharpening my computer skills and thus contributing to my work.

First thing I need to do though is get my contracts figured out so when I work I am legally ok. I have the contracts downloaded already, I just need to personalize them for my company. I started a free webpage on wordpress.com and created a free business page on Facebook. I created some business cards and a poster, and it won’t take much to make a poster I can put up with my phone number and email address anywhere. I created a new phone number and email address on google. I have a business bank account, and accounts created to sell recycled computer parts and machines online (locally if possible so we don’t have to pay for shipping.) I’ve even figured out ways to donate part of my profits to charities.

So wish me good luck and/or send me your prayers. Sure thing I will need all I can get!!! Excited, Gary Jr Gustafson

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